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Stump Grinding Service in Plano TX

We finally cut that tree down, or maybe a storm took it down, now what? Most people don’t like leaving the stump there as it just causes more problems than it’s worth. You have to worry about tripping on it, mowing around it, and it just simply doesn’t look pretty. That’s when we come in with our heavy duty stump grinder machine. Removing a stump with a shovel and crowbar is back-breaking work, and it isn’t always possible. Using a stump grinder relieves all of these headaches and gets your yard back to how it should be: flat. 

Stump grinding is a great service to couple with tree removal, but we also offer it as a stand alone service. We’ve had homeowners that were able to cut a smaller tree up but just not be able to get the stump out. They called us up and we got it taken care of the next day. Removing the remnants of what is left should be on your schedule whether you cut the tree up yourself, let the wind take it down, or have Hernandez Tree Experts help.

We have seen too many people pass on our stump grinding service, only to have them call us a month later to tell us it is a nuisance. We agree. A chopped up stump is an eye sore and can be a foot sore if your run into it. 

After we remove the stump, there will be a void or hole in the ground. We suggest asking our crew leader how to go about getting the hole filled. We don’t like leaving a big hole in our customers yards so we usually ask if we can fill it with dirt. Once it rains, the dirt will even out and you won’t be able to tell there was a tree or a hole there.

If you have any questions regarding our stump removal service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 214-994-6970. We have operators ready to take your call and help you with all your tree service needs. Usually we can have a professional arborist out to your property the same day to give you a quote.

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