Hernandez Tree Experts

Tree Trimming Services in Plano 

While it may seem difficult to find a reputable tree service company you can trust, it can’t be too hard if you landed on our page! We are proud to have over 500 great reviews on Thumbtack. With over 12 years experience in the northern Dallas area, we take great pride in being able to serve our community with the best tree care at an unbeatable price! 

Tree trimming can be a daunting task without the right equipment. Even with the right equipment, it can still be a very dangerous and difficult task. With so much to risk because houses are so close together in Plano, we recommend leaving the tree work to the experts. Hernandez Tree Experts performs safe tree pruning projects on the daily. Our guys love to trim trees. 

There are many reasons to consider giving your trees a little edge up. Overgrown trees can be a hideous sight to see. The extra branches add unnecessary weight to the other branches, causing the tree as a whole to droop down. Have you ever seen a droopy tree just look kind of sad? Weak? Once we trim off the extra long branches, shape the trees up a little bit, and thin out the canopy, your trees will lift up again. Not to mention, after thinning the trees out, more sun can get through to your yard. We see plenty of yards that are struggling more than they should be simply due to a tree taking all of the sunlight. With the increased sunlight, your grass will appreciate you for taking care of your trees.

Most of our cuts can be done from the ground, but sometimes it is necessary to climb the tree in order to do the job correctly. This is really where Hernandez Tree Experts excels. We have team members specializing in tree climbing. With master climbers and all the equipment needed, there really is no reason you should risk the cleanup. Call us, we love what we do. We are the most affordable tree service company in Plano and would love to help out with whatever project you have going on!

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