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Emergency tree removal in Plano TX is our specialty. If you or a loved one has a tree, large or small, that needs to be removed for whatever reason, we would love to help. The thing about complete removals is sometimes they aren’t planned. Mother nature can decide when she doesn’t like a tree and can tip a weak tree over during a storm. In north Texas, we get storms all too often. It’s better to take care of a weak or dead tree before Mother Nature does. We can at least control where the tree lands, Mother Nature doesn’t care if your car or house is in the way. 

Hernandez Tree Experts have been removing trees in the Plano area for over 12 years. When it comes to cutting up a tree, we know a thing or two. Safety is our biggest concern when planning to take down a tree. With some trees around here easily reaching 60+ feet, you really have to be conscious and aware of what different types of trees are liable to do once you make a few cuts. More times than not, we prefer climbing trees and starting the cuts from the top to work our way down. This is due to not having enough land for a tree to safely fall. Our guys prefer this method anyways because they love being on top of a tree 60 feet in the air.

There are a plethora of reasons to want to uproot a tree. We don’t always choose where trees grow. For this reason, sometimes we just want one out of a bad location. Every year, it seems like clockwork, we have Oak trees drop that sap and and those stringy things called Catkins. We get them on our cars when we park in the driveway so we understand the frustrations of having to get a car wash every week. Bad location can also be thought of as just simply being too close to the house. Not only will the canopy be a problem, but the roots of a large tree can result in problems to your plumbing and foundation as well. Sometimes it is easier to simply remove these problematic trees.

After we remove your tree, there are a few different options we can offer. We will discuss these before we start the project to better plan for each case. With so much wood left over, some homeowners want to keep some or all of it. We can cut the wood into firewood, mulch the wood up for use in gardens, chip the wood up for wood chips, or we can haul the trees away to get the headache out of your yard. Not to mention the option to grind the stump down. It really is up to you, we just want you to know you have options!

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We specialize in dangerous tree removals and storm cleanups.

This tree fell over in the tornado in October of 2019. We just cleaned it up.